Top Video Marketing Opportunities for Real Estate

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Jan, 13, 2017 @ 08:01 AM

One minute of video is equal in value to 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Research. Need we say more? Video marketing is on the rise and there are many opportunities for the real estate sector to effectively embrace this trend. Here are the top video marketing opportunities for real estate.

video marketing.jpgProperty tours

Whether you are looking to lease Class-A office space or sell a multifamily property in an often overlooked neighborhood, video can help to provide prospective tenants and buyers with an insider’s look at the property/space. By making this content available on demand – think on your website, on social media, in blog posts – you can increase the exposure of your listings and cultivate a broader pool of tenants, investors and buyers.

Construction previews

Whether your firm was engaged to lead a major economic development project in the heart of the city or you are a residential home builder embarking upon a new development, offering a “sneak peek” of what’s to come can help to build excitement about the project. These videos are great content for sharing on your social media channels and including in your email marketing. They are also compelling insights to include in your real estate PR pitches to broadcast media to help them visualize the story.

Presentation enhancers

Perhaps you are giving a workshop at the local real estate expo or leading a professional development workshop for a real estate trade association. Rather than talk people through the recent projects your firm has been involved with, why not show a short video that offers a dynamic and visually-appealing highlight reel? These videos can also be featured in email marketing campaigns, included in real estate blog posts, and even used in personal outreach emails to clients and prospects.

Company profiles

Similar to the highlight reel that can be used to lead into workshops and presentations, a company profile video can help prospective clients and partners to become better acquainted with your team and your recent projects. While typically a longer format asset, a company profile video is a great asset to feature on the homepage of your website. A professionally produced company profile video can also be repurposed into a series of short videos for social sharing and inclusion in key presentations.

Neighborhood insights

Are you the exclusive listing agent on a much buzzed about building project in a desirable neighborhood? Are you tasked with securing tenants for multifamily properties in a lesser known neighborhood? Is your firm engaged in a major building project that is revitalizing a community and significantly changing the lifestyle of those who reside in the area? By positioning yourself and your firm as an education resource, you can build trust among prospective clients and enhance your firm’s expert positioning. Offering an insider’s look into the markets, communities and neighborhoods where you are transacting business is one way to achieve these objectives. Whether you shoot the videos on a smartphone or engage a videographer to produce the project, these videos are valuable assets to share with clients, prospects and partners.

As the popularity of video continues to rise, real estate firms have a great opportunity to embrace video marketing to enhance their sales process and strengthen their overall marketing and PR programs. Whether you embrace video to strengthen your real estate PR program or use it as a social selling tool, video can quickly become one of the most valuable components of your marketing toolkit.

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