Online Reviews Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Thu, Aug, 10, 2017 @ 08:08 AM

Did you use Yelp to find the right spot for a business dinner the last time you were traveling? Have the Facebook reviews you’ve seen for a local business ever inspired you to take your business elsewhere? Research indicates ninety-one percent (91%) of people read online reviews and eighty-four percent (84%) of those online review readers trust what they read as much as they trust recommendations from friends. So, is your business actively soliciting online reviews as part of its digital marketing strategy?

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How do you define influence?

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Tue, Sep, 06, 2011 @ 12:09 PM

Defining objectives and setting benchmarks are key components of a successful communications campaign. Unfortunately, all campaign outputs aren’t as easy to measure as the number of new volunteers, e-blast signups, new clients and dollars raised. Some outputs are less tangible – like influence.  Certainly, a company could presume that a new client who came on board as a direct result of the company’s latest social media campaign could declare they influenced that one individual, but how do you define and quantify influence before you reach a dollars and cents outcome?
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