Higher Ed PR: How to Become a “Go-to” Source for Media

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Feb, 17, 2017 @ 10:02 AM

For many colleges and universities, increasing their share of voice in the media is an important objective. Being consistently quoted in local, regional, national and/or trade media can help to attract students, staff and even donors. It plays a leading role in enhancing the school’s expert positioning and showcases the pedigree of the leadership and professors who are part of the team. Here are some tried-and-true practices for increasing your college or university’s share of voice.

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PR FAQ: Do Bloggers Belong on a Media List?

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Feb, 10, 2017 @ 10:02 AM

As the media landscape has evolved, blogger relations and influencer relations have emerged as components of public relations programs. Beyond pitching media (print, broadcast, online) for coverage of a company and its products or services, organizations are now seeking to secure coverage for their organization on blogs, including those authored by influencers on LinkedIn. Here’s what you need to know about pitching bloggers.

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Co-Communications Turns 20: 20 Quick PR Tips for Our 20th Year

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Feb, 03, 2017 @ 08:02 AM

What began as a public relations and marketing agency in 1997 has evolved into a full-service integrated communications firm with three offices and a team of 15. As Co-Communications kicks off its 20th year in business, we wanted to share 20 surefire public relations and media relations tips that we have found invaluable during our 20 years in business. While the media landscape has no doubt evolved in ways that will continue to have a lasting impact on how news is generated and delivered, the go-to tips allow businesses and nonprofits alike to grow their share of voice and get ink on a local, regional and national level.

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How to Tell if Your Public Relations Program is Working

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Wed, Dec, 21, 2016 @ 08:12 AM

Unlike advertising or sponsored content where you pay a fee for guaranteed exposure with a media outlet, there are no guarantees with an earned media – public relations – program. The success of a PR program lays in the strength of the stories that your pitch to the media, i.e. their newsworthiness. Well-executed PR campaigns educate and inform target audiences while strengthening a brand’s position in the marketplace. While this requires a blend of strategy and creativity – and a team that excels at execution – public relations can help to put your company’s name on the map and position your leadership as experts in the industry. If you’re wondering what the ROI of your current public relations program is – and whether or not it is moving the needle – here are three ways you can check to see if you are achieving PR success.

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Pitch Perfect: The Types of PR Stories Reporters Crave

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Oct, 14, 2016 @ 08:10 AM

As a full-service marketing and public relations agency, we’re often asked, “What types of stories can you get me in X publication?” While the answer is far from one-size-fits-all, there are tried and true story angles that are proven to pique reporters’ attention – assuming you are pitching the right content to the right reporter/editor, that is. These winning PR angles include:

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The Benefits of PR Retainers

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Aug, 19, 2016 @ 08:08 AM

Engagements with public relations agencies typically come in two forms – short-term projects and monthly retainers. While projects can be a great opportunity for new businesses to dip their toe in the PR water, their finite scope and tight timeline often necessitate a primary focus on tactics. Public relations retainers, on the other hand, are longer-term programs that allow companies and causes to maintain a consistent presence in the media and proactively enhance their expert positioning in the market place. While projects can be the right fit at the right time, there are many benefits to PR retainers that warrant deeper exploration:

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Nonprofit Public Relations Tips You Can Use

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Jul, 22, 2016 @ 08:07 AM

Nonprofits have the good fortune of having countless stories to share. As natural storytellers, nonprofit organizations are well-poised to capitalize on the value of a public relations program. Here are some nonprofit PR tips to help your organization:

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The Top Three Things to Look for in a PR Agency

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, May, 20, 2016 @ 08:05 AM

How do you know which PR firm is the right fit for your company or cause? What factors indicate you will be able to build a long-lasting and collaborative relationship with the team? When looking for a PR firm – whether you are choosing your first or looking to change firms – focus on finding a partner who meets these three key criteria.

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New Brands & Websites, PR Success Stories, from Co-Communications: March & April 2016

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, May, 06, 2016 @ 08:05 AM

Life at a full-service marketing and public relations agency is always fast-paced. From developing brands and launching websites to executing PR campaigns and maintaining social media marketing programs, we’re always helping companies and causes to strengthen their marketing. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to over the past couple of months:

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Constructing Better Real Estate PR: The Second Story

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Wed, Apr, 20, 2016 @ 08:04 AM

Ready for more real estate PR tips? It’s time for the “second story” of how to improve your real estate public relations campaigns. 

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