Marketing Tips: How to Tell Better Stories

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Wed, May, 30, 2018 @ 08:05 AM

Great marketing relies on telling great stories – stories that educate, engage and impact stakeholders. Well-crafted stories help stakeholders deepen their connection to a company or cause, which can help bolster client retention, improve donor relations and even increase conversions. With a wide array of communication channels through which organizations can tell their stories, pairing the right content with the right medium is key to success. As you hone your marketing strategy, keep these actionable tips top-of-mind for improving your brand’s storytelling.

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Going Live and Telling Stories? Here’s What You Can Talk About

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Wed, May, 16, 2018 @ 08:05 AM

Every brand has a story to tell. And, in 2018, telling that story effectively often involves incorporating the right multimedia components to maximize its impact. As the social media landscape continues to expand and evolve, brands big and small can benefit from embracing the newest tools and techniques to bring their messages to life.

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Common Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Wed, May, 09, 2018 @ 08:05 AM

The Pew Research Center reports that, as of February 2018, 69 percent of Americans use social media. In 2005, that number was only 5 percent! As social media usage has grown, an increasing number of businesses have embraced the opportunity to reach online audiences through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. But, with increased competition to win audiences’ attention, businesses are challenged to rise above the clutter to maximize the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaigns. The first step towards achieving optimal social media marketing success? Avoid these common social media mistakes that businesses make.

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Social Media Marketing Tips to Maximize ROI

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Fri, Apr, 22, 2016 @ 08:04 AM

More than 80 percent of small businesses use social media for marketing, according to LinkedIn. And, while the best platforms for each business vary based on a company's target audiences, the nature of their marketing content and the goals they hope to achieve, these social media marketing tips will help increase your company's social media ROI.

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How to Achieve Social Media Marketing Success

Posted by Admin on Fri, Mar, 06, 2015 @ 08:03 AM

How does your company or cause use social media? Do you use social media to engage prospective clients, donors or volunteers? Is social media a key tool for spreading company news and sharing relevant third-party content? Is social media marketing part of your organic SEO strategy?

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