Why Video is a Good Marketing Investment

Posted by Danielle Cyr on Wed, Jul, 12, 2017 @ 08:07 AM

YouTube recently announced it has reached 1.5 billion active monthly users – and that just accounts for those who are logged in when watching videos. And, on average, these users are spending more than an hour each day watching videos from their smartphones and other mobile devices. This data is simply one more proof point supporting the value of video as a communication and marketing tool. So, let’s take a look at exactly why video is a good investment.

Goldfish have longer attention spans than humans

As the human attention span dwindles, visual marketing becomes increasingly impactful for brands and causes. Instagram has 700 million users engaging with high quality, authentic photography, short videos and “stories”, while YouTube’s user based is consuming high volumes of video. With a limited window within which to capture the audience’s attention, the visually-driven mediums convey important messages in a way that the target audience is receptive to receiving and consuming information from.

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Video allows you to capture an authentic voice

Client testimonials are great, as are case studies and anecdotes. Having a client tell an impactful story, in their own voice, directly to the camera, has a value that can’t quite be described. This video from The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp discussing their ‘family weekends’ is a great example.

Video can help to inspire a movement

Video is a great tool for showing how a diverse group of stakeholders is coming together in support of a common goal, event or cause. Taking this approach achieves two key objectives – showing other stakeholders where their voices can fit into an initiative, and helping to inspire these stakeholders to show their support and take meaningful action. A great example of a video that seeks to drive action (while simultaneously aiming to break stereotypes)? The #EmbraceAmbition PSA from the Tory Burch Foundation.

Video is more valuable than the written word

Forrester Research estimates one minute of video has the equivalent value of 1.8 million words. With an attention span of less than 8-seconds, how likely is it that any human will sit with undivided attention to carefully read 1.8 million written words? When creating your video marketing strategy, identify the message points that are most important to convey about your organization and identify ways to bring those message to life through dynamic and engaging video content.

Live Video can help broaden the reach of an experience

Whether you are bringing in a renowned speaker for your national conference or an acclaimed philanthropist to speak at your annual gala, live video can help bring highlights from those events to stakeholders who aren’t able to attend. Whether you use Facebook Live during a keynote address or live stream the program portion of a gala or fundraiser, video provides an opportunity to reach more stakeholders and to drive further action.

Video makes it easier to get found online

Comscore reports websites that feature video are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results. Further, the Content Marketing Institute reports consumers are more likely to engage with video than they are with other online content.

When developing videos for your business or nonprofit, consider which aspects of your organization lend themselves to a visual storytelling format. It is also important to consider what resources you have to produce a video and how to maximize the value of those resources. For example, would you realize greater value from producing a longer company profile video and then extracting key sections to create other shorter videos for social sharing? Alternatively, is event footage the greatest opportunity for you to achieve ROI on your video marketing?

While it is important to employ a diverse mix of marketing channels that will reach all of your target audiences, video is a tool that can be shared across multiple mediums to convey a brand’s message and a nonprofit’s mission in a dynamic and user-friendly format. When investing in video, focus on developing assets that can be used widely and will have lasting value for your organization.

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